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MSC Board Job Descriptions

We are all 100% volunteers doing our part for the kids in Munster. We do not get paid for any of these positions. We do what we do for the love of our children, the game, and this club.

President of the Munster Soccer Club Job Description

The President shall have general supervision and control over the business and affairs of the MSC. In general, the President shall perform all duties which are by law or custom incident to such office and such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned to the President’s duties shall also consist of, but not be limited to:

A. Uphold and enforce the Constitution, By-laws of Munster Soccer Club and NWISL and their affiliates.
B. Coordinate and represent the entire soccer program of the Munster Soccer Club.
C. Conduct and preside over general meetings on a regular basis to assure the quality and timeliness of the responsibilities completed by and for the MSC. Call special meetings of the Board as scheduled or deemed necessary.
D. Pass on knowledge or information from previous years to administrative personnel.
E. Assist in all registrations and placement of players on teams and selection of coaches.
F. Represent the MSC, its Board, members, and teams in meetings with other soccer clubs, associations, or organizations and conduct him/her in a professional manner.
G. Act as authorized agent in the execution of any bonds, contracts, or other instruments which the Board have duly authorized and approved to be executed, except where signing and executing has been assigned to any other officer according to these By-laws.
H. Serve as ex-officio member on all committees.

The MSC President shall be the Northwest Indiana Soccer Association {NWISL} Rep shall have the following duties:

A. Shall attend or secure MSC representation at all meetings of the NWISL and vote in that organization on behalf of the Club.
B. Shall share information and communicate to the MSC Board on a timely basis, as regards all activities of the NWISL, including registration, tournaments, game and field schedules, rules and all other matters pertaining to youth soccer.
C. Shall develop schedules and coordinate field requirements for the "home" games of all Club teams that participate in the NWISL including all regularly scheduled games, tournaments, make-up games, and other special NWISL activities.
** In the event the MSC President cannot attend will appoint another member in his or her absence. **

Vice-President Job Description

The Vice-President shall uphold and support all the functions of the office of President:
A. In the event of the President's absence or disability, the Vice-President shall preside and carry on the duties of the President.
B. The Vice-President shall also be the President's liaison to all committee's and shall report to the President.

Treasurer Job Description

The Treasurer shall be the financial officer of the MSC. The Treasurer shall have charge and custody, and be responsible for, all funds of the club, and shall deposit such funds in such depositories as shall be selected by the Board. The Treasurer shall receive and faithfully account for all funds of the Club and shall render to the President, whenever requested and as good accounting and tax practices may require, an account of all financial transactions of the Club and of the financial condition of the Club. In general, the Treasurer shall perform all the duties incident to the office and such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Board or the President.

The Treasurer's duties shall include, but not be limited to:
A. Collect all funds due the Club and make disbursements for payment of all obligations as authorized by the Board.
B. Shall keep a suitable set of books and shall submit monthly statements to the Board and a year-end statement covering all receipts and expenditures as well as a current Balance Sheet.
C. Maintain accurate and complete records of all amounts owed to the MSC from any individual or entity and actively promote and participate in the timely collection of any such receivable amounts.
D. Shall prepare and cooperate in an independent year-end audit of all financial records and transactions maintained by the Treasurer as related to MSC matters.
E. Co-sign club checks as needed.

Registrar Job Description

The Registrar of the MSC shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
A. Registration of the MSC players and the certification thereof.
B. Enforce all rules, by-laws, and policies of the MSC and NWISL and the affiliates governing player registration and team assignment.
C. Responsible for the storage and maintenance of records of the MSC regarding the registration of teams and players within the MSC and ensure the confidentiality of player information.

Secretary Job Description

The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the members and the Board and shall record, or cause to be recorded, accurate minutes of such meetings. The Secretary shall attend to the proper issuance of all notices of the MSC and shall have custody of the minute books of the Munster Soccer Club.

The Secretary's duties shall also consist of, but not limited to:
A. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings of the Board.
B. The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings and secure location when directed by the President.
C. The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence as directed by the President and the Board.
D. Shall maintain a register of the mailing addresses of the MSC members.

Field Commissioner Job Description
A. The Field Commissioner shall locate, plan, and prepare all practice and playing fields.
B. Shall enlist volunteers to help prepare and maintain all fields including the supervision and coordination of the initial set-up, layout, and preparation of all fields at the beginning of each season.
C. Shall establish and maintain a good relationship with the Department of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Munster and any other entity which has any authority over the fields and locations that the MSC uses for practices and games; and 2) Vendors that provide equipment to the MSC.
D. Shall identify supply requirements then procure and maintain sufficient quantities of all game, practice, field, and related equipment as needed and approved by the President or Board.
E. Shall collect, inventory, inspect, store, and provide reasonable security of all MSC equipment at the end of each season.
F. Shall routinely inspect all fields, goals, nets, playing surfaces storage facilities and all related Club property to ensure the proper working condition and best possible safety conditions for the MSC and its members.

Boys and Girls Commissioner Job Description
A. Shall report to the President
B. Shall be the liaison between players, coaches and parents.
C. Shall report any issues to the President of any issues or changes deemed as necessary.
D. Shall keep coaches informed by phone or e-mail of meetings or changes in games or practices.

Park Liaison/At Large Member Job Description
A. Shall report to the President
B. Shall be a liaison between the Munster Soccer Club and Munster Park & Recreation.
C. Shall send letters of appreciation to all sponsors or patrons deemed as necessary.
D. Shall routinely inspect all fields, goals, nets, playing surfaces, storage facilities and all related MSC property to ensure working condition and best possible safety for the MSC and its members.


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